A platform to create, experience and share yarns:

interactive location-based audio content.

Create yarns on an iPad and let your audience listen to them on an iPhone while navigating the real world.

What is a yarn?


Magical soundscapes that immerse the users and adapt to their movements in the real world.


interactive stories

A story about that special thing that defines that special somewhere. Why should stories have a beginning and an end?

guided tours

Simple linear story-based tours or more complicated interactive ones.


audio adventure games

Point and click adventure games in the real world... where you are the pointer and the clicker.


scavenger hunts

Solve riddles that take you to places.


jogging games

What if you were a robber on the run while jogging? Pun intended...


spatial remixes

The drums at this building, the guitar at this garden, the vocals on the streets.


personal messages

Leave an audio message to your friends at a special place. Make them work for it.


Photos? Record the sound of the place you are at.


Use the Soundyarn app for iPhone to experience the yarns around you.

Sound Throwster

Easily create your own yarns using the Sound Throwster app for iPad.